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Can I publish articles too?

It was only a couple of days ago I thought to myself, having read dozens of articles about article publishing, why don't I give it a try? Article publishing is the latest craze to hit the internet, but it is so much easier than you probably think!

Benefits of article marketing

  • You gain 1-way links from many related sites back to yours.
  • Your link is targeted and therefore quality because it points from a relevant article.
  • You can showcase or mention at least one of your products.
  • It help spreads your company's reputation across the web.
  • Your article will continue to be reprinted without any further input!

What can I write about?

Anything! Any topic you have advanced or professional knowledge of, from gardening or caring for pets to SEO it does not matter! As long as you write well, and your article is interesting and original, you cannot lose!

Target, target & target!

As with any marketing, you have to target your article! Don't forget who your audience is, and like any SEO, set out the keywords you wish to use in advance, then you can tweak your article to perfection before you publish it.

Its about volume!

The more targeted visitors to your site the more potential sales (obviously!) - your article will spread the web so quickly and you can expect a small boost to visitors each time you publish an article. This means you should publish articles regularly! Keep writing more and more, relevant to the latest issues in the topic you specialize in, and before long not only will you be making more sales but you will become a recognized expert in your field!

The inevitable search engine benefit!

When the search engines see more and more 1-way links back to your site building up over time, your search engine positions will rise higher and higher! Whichever way you look at articles, you cannot lose!

So what do I do?

  1. Write your article.
  2. Write your 'about the author' box, take a look at how other people do this before deciding on yours, I change mine for each article.
  3. Visit - complete the quick sign up - and publish your article in the corresponding category.


Well there you have it - Article Publishing in a nutshell! Just remember that one article is not enough! To achieve top rankings you need to publish many varied articles over time - so keep writing and good luck!