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Website BuildingTutorials → Javascript: Forms (Part 4)

Forms are used to allow the client (visitor) to input data. Form inputs include: Text boxes, textareas, buttons, radio boxes, check boxes, password boxes and pulldown menus.

Form Example

<form name="testform" action="#" method="post" onSubmit="submitdata()">
Username: <input type="text" name="username"><br>
Password: <input type="password" name="password"><br>
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit!">

Click here to see what this form looks like!

The form action attribute usually specifies a cgi, asp or php file to handle the data. In this case however Javascript is selected, and although I have not written the submitdata() function by the end of this tutorial you should be able to do so. In fact, next you will learn how to write a simple username and password login script!

The way this script will work is the entrance page will have a form on it asking for the visitor's username and password. When they click a submit button the contents will be verified by a javascript and if the information is correct the user will be able to enter.

→ Login Script →

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