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Website BuildingTutorials → Javascript: Further Introduction (Part 1)


Welcome to our Javascript tutorial! Before we begin we must first understand what Javascript is. It's a language, like HTML, which you can use to spice your webpages up a bit. Javascript can be very useful as it is reasonably powerful, easy to use and almost everybody's computer will work with it. It requires no plugins, downloads or extra work for the visitor and is also very flexible.

It would take ages (It really would!) to write a complete Javascript tutorial, for javascript is such a large language. However in this tutorial we hope you will learn the following:

  1. How to implement Javascript in a webpage.
  2. How to create, call and modify strings and variables.
  3. How to make forms and event handlers.
  4. A simple Login Script

(This might sound complicated but you'll get the hang of it!)

→ Basic Implementation →

  1. Introduction
  2. Part 1: Further Introduction
  3. Part 2: Basic Implementation
  4. Part 3: Strings & Variables
  5. Part 4: Forms
  6. Part 5: Login Script