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Website BuildingTutorials → HTML: More Tags! (Part 8)

Here we are going to list all the HTML Tags you are likely to discover!

Basic Tags
<html></html> - Starts & ends HTML document
<head></head> - Place for scripts and other invisible text (e.g. the title tag and Javascripts)
<body></body> - Starts the visible part of the document

Header Tags
<title></title> - Sets text in title bar and bookmark name

Body Attributes
<body bgcolor=?> - Background colour, use # or colour names
<body text=?> - Text colour, use # or colour names
<body link=?> - Link colour, use # or colour names
<body vlink=?> - Followed link colour, use # or colour names
<body alink=?> - Link onclick colour, use # or colour names

Text Tags
<pre></pre> - Preformatted text
<h1></h1> - Largest text
<h6></h6> - Smallest text
<b></b> - Bold text
<i></i> - Italic text
<tt></tt> - Teletype/Typewriter-text
<cite></cite> - Citation text
<em></em> - Emphasize text
<strong></strong> - Emphasize text
<font size=?></font> - Set font size (1 to 7)
<font color=?></font> - Set font colour, use # or colour names

<a href="URL"></a> - Creates hyperlink
<a href="mailto:EMAIL"></a> - Creates mailto link
<a name="NAME"></a> - Create target in document
<a href="#NAME"></a> - Link to target from elsewhere in document

<p></p> - Creates new paragraph
<p align=?> - Aligns paragraph (left, right, or center)
<br> - Inserts line break
<blockquote></blockquote> - Indents text from both sides
<dl></dl> - Starts a Definition list
<dt> - Starts each definition term
<dd> - Starts each definition
<ol></ol> - Starts a numbered list
<li></li> - Starts each list item, adds each number
<ul></ul> - Starts a bulleted list
<div align=?></div> - Start large block of HTML (for format)

Graphical Elements
<img src="name"> - Create an image
<img src="name" align=?> - Align image (left, right, center; bottom, top, middle)
<img src="name" border=?> - Set border size around an image
<hr> - Insert horizontal rule
<hr size=?> - Set height of rule
<hr width=?> - Set width of rule, % or pixel value
<hr noshade> - Create rule without shadow

<table></table> - Creates a table
<tr></tr> - Creates row in a table
<td></td> - Create a cell in a row
<th></th> - Create a table header

Table Attributes
<table border=#> - Set width or border around table cells
<table cellspacing=#> - Set space between table cells
<table cellpadding=#> - Set space between cell border and its contents
<table width=# or %> - Set width of table (% or in pixels)
<tr align=?> or <td align=?> - Set alignment for cell (left, center, right)
<tr valign=?> or <td valign=?> - Set vertical alignment for cells (top, middle, bottom)
<td colspan=#> - Set number of columns cell spans
<td rowspan=#>- Set number of rows a cell spans
<td nowrap> - Prevents lines in cell from being changed to fit

<frameset></frameset> - Starts frameset in document
<frameset rows="value,value"> - Defines row height in frameset (% or pixel)
<frameset cols="value,value"> - Defines column height in frameset (% or pixel)
<frame> - Insert frame in frameset
<noframes></noframes> - Defines the text for non-frame browsers

Frames Attributes
<frame src="URL"> - Defines the document to be displayed
<frame name="name"> - Names the frame for targetting by other frames
<frame marginwidth=#> - Defines left & right margins of a frame
<frame marginheight=#> - Defines top & bottom margins of a frame
<frame scrolling=VALUE> - Set frame scrollbar (yes, no, auto) :: Default is "auto"
<frame noresize> - Stops user from resizing a frame

→ Html cannot execute a form, only create it:
<form></form> - Create form
<select multiple name="NAME" size=?></select> - Create scrolling menu
<option> - Create menu item
<select name="NAME"></select> - Create pulldown menu
<textarea name="NAME" cols=40 rows=8></textarea> - Create textarea
<input type="checkbox" name="NAME"> - Create checkbox (text follows tag)
<input type="radio" name="NAME" value="x"> - Create radio button
<input type=text name="NAME" size=20> - Create text box
<input type="submit" value="NAME"> - Create submit button
<input type="image" border=0 name="NAME" src="name.gif"> - Create submit button using an image
<input type="reset"> - Create reset button

Congratulations on completing our HTML tutorial!

To continue you can go back to our tutorials section or check out Javascript!

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  2. The Basics
  3. HREF Linking
  4. Colors & Backgrounds
  5. Hexadecimal Color Codes
  6. Using Images
  7. Lists, lists & more lists!
  8. Tables
  9. More HTML Tags!