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    Joke List
    Joke Rating Date Type
    shes so fat3.792006-06-05T
    yo mammas so dirty2.742006-06-05T
    yo momas so poor3.002006-06-05T
    If at first you dont Succeed?1.772006-05-13T
    Redneck Murders3.202006-05-09T
    A song and a man2.332006-03-13T
    What to say to a guy with a mole1.202006-03-13T
    The lecturer and the chairman2.002006-03-13T
    New Liverpool Striker3.052006-02-17T
    Legal Despute3.932006-02-16T
    Blonde At Work2.882006-02-16T
    Computer Diagnosis4.502006-02-16T
    new employment rules3.832006-02-10T
    Elmo factory3.532006-02-10T
    A Microsoft Christmas3.712006-02-08T
    Bill Gates in hell2.892006-02-08T
    Come to the other side!1.832006-02-08T
    Rowing Your Boat3.802006-02-08T
    I Want To Buy That!4.112006-02-08T
    Blonde Car Accident3.502006-02-08T
    Yo Mamma S43.442006-02-06T
    Yo Mamma S31.632006-02-06T
    Yo Mamma S23.002006-02-06T
    Yo Mamma S12.882006-02-06T
    Ironing accident4.112006-02-05T
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