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    Joke List
    Joke Rating Date Type
    Mobility Racer3.132005-12-19P
    Swat Team (Kitten)3.462005-12-19P
    George Bush (Office Assistant)3.472005-12-19P
    Learn Chinese4.472005-12-19P
    Work Notice3.882005-11-30P
    How to spot a rich guy!4.282005-11-30P
    Poor chat-up line!3.492005-11-30P
    Snowman - Unhappy Sign3.882005-11-30P
    Michael Jackson: Boys Wanted3.082005-11-30P
    Crazy Frog Hanging3.292005-08-07P
    Microsoft Word2.452005-06-07P
    Aeroplanes Parked2.862005-06-07P
    Violent baby!3.742005-06-07P
    Computer crash!2.502005-06-07P
    Mini Bin Laden!3.832005-06-07P
    Usama G!3.002005-06-07P
    Hiding in holes (for dummies!)2.272005-06-07P
    George Bush using the telephone!3.332005-06-07P
    Aim high! (Kitty)3.942005-06-07P
    Designer footballers2.922005-06-07P
    Don't throw things at the croc!3.002005-06-07P
    Bills? I don't think so!3.382005-06-07P
    Whazzup Cat!3.602005-06-07P
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