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    Joke List
    Joke Rating Date Type
    5 sentences3.922009-02-27T
    your momma is sooo dumb1.902007-07-14T
    your momma is sooo dumb2.872007-07-14T
    Blond questions answered2.962007-03-10T
    In the waiting room3.282007-03-06T
    Elementary Mr. President3.942007-03-06T
    Home Depot Security Alert3.272007-03-06T
    Stoned Koala3.622007-03-06T
    Its against the law3.702007-03-06T
    Let him dig!2.832007-03-06T
    ya mom2.162007-01-22T
    Chavs Die!2.642007-01-22T
    Two cliff jumpers2.362006-09-19T
    An Apple Rhyme1.002006-07-18T
    Circle of Life1.332006-07-18T
    Religions Variety2.502006-07-18T
    The Microsoft Strategy in C3.502006-07-18T
    Duck Hunter2.892006-06-13T
    Hunter joke3.862006-06-13T
    The computer programmer2.992006-06-05T
    after the shipwreck3.002006-06-05T
    Top 10 lines from chat rooms1.502006-06-05T
    The young businessman4.382006-06-05T
    lots of medical jokes :)3.672006-06-05T
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