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    Joke List
    Joke Rating Date Type
    5 sentences3.922009-02-27T
    Chavs Die!2.642007-01-22T
    Two cliff jumpers2.362006-09-19T
    Duck Hunter2.892006-06-13T
    Hunter joke3.862006-06-13T
    A song and a man2.332006-03-13T
    The lecturer and the chairman2.002006-03-13T
    Michael Jackson: Boys Wanted3.082005-11-30P
    Mafia leader's son's Xmas presents3.352005-06-18T
    Microsoft Word2.452005-06-07P
    Mini Bin Laden!3.832005-06-07P
    Usama G!3.002005-06-07P
    George Bush using the telephone!3.332005-06-07P
    The Playschool Teacher's Presents3.322005-06-02T
    Visit the sun3.602002-08-03T
    Turkey roll4.002002-08-03T
    Idiot rescue2.862002-08-03T
    Job interview cheat4.142002-08-03T
    Commercial misfortune4.002002-08-03T
    Hunting in the jungle3.202002-08-03T
    Asylum fence2.752002-08-03T
    Expert in the kitchen2.002002-08-03T