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    5 sentences
    Joke Info
    Category : People
    Rating : 3.92
    Contributor : redl
    Type : T
    little johhny was told to go home and write down 6 sentences for homework!he decided he would do it the when he woke up, observe

    johhny went to his older brother who had his radio on, the brother said "shake that thing." so johhny wrote that down.

    johhny went to the kitchen to see his mother and father arguing over who should take the sporty porche, the dad said "Well you never give it to me bitch." little johhny wrote that down.

    then the mother replied sarcastically "who me??"
    johhny added that to his list.

    johhny went to his little sister watching superman on tv, she said "superman taran ta da" johhny wrote that down too.

    on the way back to the kitchen johhny passed the eldest sister who was listning to her mp3 and she said "smack that all on the floor" johhny wrote that down happy he was now on his last sentence.

    he wondered what to write next then he heard his mom shout "ohhhh my pancakes are burning" johhny finished his homework

    at school the teacher asked johhny to read his sentences in order as she bent down to pick up a piece of chalk
    johhny shouted> "SHAKE THAT THING."
    the teacher emediatly stood up> "excuse me!"
    johhny shouted> "WELL YOU NEVER GIVE IT TO ME BITCH!"
    The teacher> "do you want to go to the principles office
    johhny shouted louder>" WHO ME!"
    in the principles office
    the principle asked>" who do you think you are?"
    johhny simply answered "SUPERMAN TARNT TA DA"
    the principle >"i have no doubt in my mind you must be punished"
    johhny sang>"SMACK THAT ALL ON THE FLOOR"
    After corpral punishment(whacked with a cane)
    johnny said in tears "ohhhh , (sniff) my pancakes are burning"

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