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    An Apple Rhyme
    Joke Info
    Category : Computers
    Rating : 1.00
    Contributor : Optikal
    Type : T
    I gave my love an Apple, that had no core;
    I gave my love a building, that had no floor;
    I wrote my love a program, that had no end;
    I gave my love an upgrade, with no cryin'.

    How can there be an Apple, that has no core?
    How can there be a building, that has no floor?
    How can there be a program, that has no end?
    How can there be an upgrade, with no cryin'?

    An Apple's MOS memory don't use no core!
    A building that's perfect, it has no flaw!
    A program with GOTOs, it has no end!
    I lied about the upgrade, with no cryin'!

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