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    Top 10 lines from chat rooms
    Joke Info
    Category : Computers
    Rating : 1.50
    Contributor : scout4eva
    Type : T
    1 You're different... I've never felt like this about someone I've never met before.

    2 I'm new online and haven't had time to create a profile... but tell me more about yourself.

    3 I never do Cybersex! Yet here in this room alone with you, well, I'm getting excited.

    4 I'm 5'4, blonde hair, blue eyes and everyone loves my body!

    5 I'm 6'0, great tan, and buffed from working out.

    6 Yes of course I'm female...

    7 I'm in this private room consoling a depressed friend.

    8 No this is my only screen name... You mean you can have more then one?

    9 I'm not like most of the guy's/gal's here, I want to meet so we can just have coffee and get to know each other. (at the hotel coffee shop)

    10 I don't care what you look like, it's what's on the inside that counts (Which is true, it means: I'm horny and could care less, just type)

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