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HomeworkHistory → Was the Treaty of Versailles fair?

The Treaty of Versailles was drawn up by the Allies (Britain, France and the U.S) and in the end was designed to humiliate and weaken Germany, it made demands far exceeding Germany’s resources and in some cases even directly stole the rights to Germany’s resources. However it undoubtedly delayed the start of World War 2 even though it may have partially been the cause. In this essay I shall demonstrate the main arguments for both sides of the argument and show whether or not it is fair.

The Germans would definitely say that the treaty was unfair, and they have many facts to back up their cause. They would say that all the terms of the Treaty were designed to weaken and humiliate them. If we start with the "War Guilt Clause", we can immediately see that the Allies completely blamed Germany for the War, this was unfair as as much responsibility should have been placed on Germany’s Allies and even Britain and France were partly responsible.

The German citizens (and especially the children who were later the soldiers in World War II) were blamed and punished for the actions of their leaders. This led to much resentment and could have helped cause the Second World War. Another example of unfair treatment is how the citizens in Posen were forced into Poland where they spoke a foreign language and had a very different culture. No referendum was made.

German New Guinea is another example, it became a League of Nation’s mandate and was ruled by Australia! The Saarland was looked after by the League of Nations for 15 years. France was entitled to all the coal during that period, at the end of which it voted overwhelmingly to be German. Had France not taken this coal Germany could have far more easily kept up with its debts.

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