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HomeworkHistory → Why was D-day successful

The Germans thought the attack was going to occur farther along the coast at Calais because this was the shortest route by sea (Dover → Calais), even when the attack began on the beaches Hitler was still convinced the attack was going to occur at Calais.

False intelligence spread by the allies spread false information to the Germans.

Wooden guns on the South Coast of England, wooden planes, dropped plastic dummies out of planes, they put mirrors up on their ships and the Germans were fooled as they saw themselves going the other way.

New technology specifically designed for the landing enabled the Allies to gain an advantage over the Germans.

Mulberries, the floating docks the Allies used to land, enabled the Allies to land safely and disembark while firing.

On some beaches no resistance was encountered while landing, this enabled the Allies to disembark easily, however, on Omaha beach the Allies suffered heavy losses numbering 2000 in total.

D-day had been planned for many years and so all the plans were ready.

The Germans had to keep control of the other parts of their empires and so were using troops elsewhere in Europe. The Italian attack and simply keeping control of all their land made it harder for Germany.

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