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HomeworkHistory → Battle of Jutland


The Germans spread huge amounts of propaganda. Kaiser Wilhelm spoke to German sailors on 5th June 1916, he compared the battle to the battle of Trafalgar which was an incredible victory for the English. He was trying to say the victory was as great as that. Kaiser Wilhelm said: “The British fleet was beaten. The cloud of British world supremacy has disappeared.” This was of course not true.

In fact, it was the German fleet which remained hiding in port for the rest of the war. It was the Germans who did not dare come out again. The English probably spread propaganda but it is unlikely to have possibly been as false as that of the Germans. Admiral Jellicoe was perfectly honest about the battle in his report to the Admiralty.


It is quite clear from the events and from the report by Admiral Jellicoe that the Germans had huge superiority in their gunnery. The Germans were able to fire with accuracy from long distances and able to fire well even when having taken great damage.

he Germans were also far better at navigation at night, this was not just because of better map reading and appreciation skills but also because of far better signalling at night. Their ships were also equipped with much more powerful and better searchlights.


In terms of losses the British lost in the value of the different ships. The British lost 3 battle cruisers, 3 light cruisers and 8 destroyers. The Germans lost 1 old battleship, 1 battle cruiser, 4 light cruisers and 5 destroyers. However, it would be wrong to determine the losses just by ships.

In men because of the British poor search lights the British lost 6097 men whilst the Germans lost 2551. This reinforces the statement that the British needed to be better prepared for night missions because they acted so badly when one arose.

Long Term

In the long term it was a victory for the British for the following reasons: The Germans did not come out of harbour again, the British were able to control the trade routes which eventually led to them winning the war and the British were no longer threatened by invasion.

In conclusion although the large short term losses may make Britain appear to have lost it was actually the Germans who came off worse. There are so many 'ifs' in the battle which occurred which is why we do not know whether the judgement made by Admiral Jellicoe was good or not. It was, however, the safest judgement.

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