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HomeworkFrench → Étre Verbs

The following verbs (and derived verbs) all conjugate with Étre instead of Avoir:

aller - to go
arriver - to arrive
descendre (redescendre) - to descend / go downstairs (descend again)
entrer (rentrer) - to enter (re-enter)
monter (remonter) - to climb (re-climb)
mourir - to die
naître (renaître) - to be born (born-again)
partir (repartir) - to leave (leave again)
passer - to pass, spend time
rester - to stay
retourner - to return
sortir (ressortir) - to go out (go out again)
tomber (retomber) - to fall (fall again)
venir (devenir, parvenir, revenir) - to come