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Computer hacking is what everybody fears. It is when some malicious hacker breaks into an innocent (or not so innocent) person's computer. This has happened once to me and once to a friend and I can describe to you both instances. However, hacking computers is difficult. Those who hack are computer professionals having fun - its a sick world.

What are the different types of hacking?

There are two. Hacking into a computer by trying to access its files and trying to access or damage it through a virus. The first is used mainly to obtain specific data while the latter out of a pathetic spite. Both can be equally damaging and it is important to be cautious when browsing the internet.

How do they target you?

Wherever you go on the internet you leave a trail behind you. The first is with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). They can log all the actions you perform on the internet because they carry out all your online actions. You also have and I.P address. This is supplied by your ISP and any website you visit can detect it. It is also attached to any information you send over the internet including e-mails and in chatrooms.

How can you prevent viruses and hackers?

Norton Antivirus is a very popular but over-rated program used to stop viruses. A much better solution would be to use Bitdefender. An additional way is to use a firewall. This also helps prevent hackers and so is extra useful. Windows XP has one built in but once again Bitdefender is a good option if you use an older operating system or want a more sophisticated one.

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