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BW Articles → Windows Media Player 10 vs iTunes

Microsoft were no doubt kicking themselves back in Silicon Valley all those years ago when Apple invented the iPod. Years down the line and the only way to put songs on the incredibly popular iPod was to use iTunes. This meant that all those Windows Media Player fans were migrating over to iTunes! Not only that but Apple made it even easier recently with their wma → mp3 converter in iTunes 4.6.

Only recently did some bright spark at Microsoft say: "Hey! Hold on! Although we are already ripping all our customers off if we are not careful we will soon have none left to RIP OFF!!!" And so Windows Media Player 10 was born with its support for the iPod amongs tons of other devices in an attempt to remove Apple's dominance. It was a fair move but too little too late. Apple took full advantage of their new-found iTunes popularity after the iPod was launched and put extra effort into iTunes.

Microsoft have done very badly with their surprise and rushed Windows Media 10. They have done badly in that the player cannot read as many codecs as iTunes and their surprise was the lack of notice they gave of its release. It shows that down at Microsoft they are worried, and so they should be, as one can only imagine the possibility of a huge failure if Microsoft were to release an "msPlayer", or something similar...

Well done iTunes! Your fantastic wma converter enabled me to escape the clutches of Windows Media Player, whereas those idiots at Microsoft never thought twice about a m4a converter (an iTunes format). The reason for this exclamation is that iTunes have been thinking with their heads whereas Microsoft with their backsides.

Microsoft are just digging themselves a deeper grave! They should stick to what they are good at. There is little debate that Windows is superior to Mac OSX but unfortunately for Microsoft there is little debate to whether or not iTunes is now superior to Windows Media Player. Having tried betas of Windows Longhorn (the codename of the next Windows operating system) it looks very promising but Windows Media Player 10 just complicates things.

Microsoft need to take a step backwards and give up on the music front. Although you can understand they want to support the iPod they should realise that Windows Media Player is dying. However, it's good news for all us iTunes users, as Apple are going to have to keep improving their iTunes to stay 1 step ahead!

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